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Buckwells Scottish Beef

The unrivalled reputation of Scotch Premier Meat has been built on a rich heritage of Scottish farmers producing superior quality beef.

It is the natural environment of the Scottish countryside that provides that extra special ingredient which gives our beef it's unique blend of succulence, flavour and tenderness.

Our range of Beef includes:

Scotch Roasting Beef
Scotch Sirloin on the bone
Scotch Ox Kidney
Beef Mince
Scotch Brisket
Scotch Pot Roast
Contre Fillet
Calves Liver
Scotch Skirt
Scotch Leg of Beef
Scotch Rib of Beef
Rolled Rib-eye
Beef Wellington
Scotch Rolled Brisket
Fillet Medallion

Scotch T-bone Steak
Texan Steaks
Pav'e Feather Steak
Fillet Steak
Scotch Chuck Steak
Scotch Blade Steak
Scotch Sirloin Steak
Braising Steak
Rump Steak
Diced Steak
Rib-eye Steak
Fillet Steak Brochettes


Italian Style Herb Meatballs
Scotch Ox Tail
Inverurie Steak Burger
Veal Escallopes
Veal Liver
Veal Osso Bucco